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Fall lawn and garden care

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Fall lawn and garden care Published - August 25, 2016
The pop-up grocery store nurseries have all been packed away and the potted mums are out. That can only mean one thing –time to start thinking about fall lawn and garden care. In addition to your summertime routine of mowing and weeding, now’s the time to consider strategies that will ensure the health and vitality of your home’s lawn and garden as they overwinter. A common misconception is that this is the time to hold back on your yard work because of your lawn’s slowed growth. However, this is the opposite of what you should actually be doing. As Fall approaches, your lawn and garden need more attention than ever. Here are a few of the ways to keep your landscaping healthy and well-maintained Fall lawn care tipsNow is not the time to neglect your lawn! Feed Your Lawn Lawns are like any other living creatures that goes through a hi…

Preventive Medicine for Your Home and Wallet

            Preventive Medicine for Your Home and Wallet
By Toronto Real Estate Board
August 17, 2016TREB Wire

The purchase of a home is one of the biggest financial investments that most people will ever make, so protecting that investment is paramount. That’s why it’s crucial to stick to a comprehensive home maintenance plan. Constant upkeep of your home will help it run efficiently, save you money and ensure a painless transaction when it’s time to move on. Today, I’m going to offer you some advice on how you can implement a long-term, low-cost program that could limit the number of repairs you’ll need to undergo when it’s time to sell. While most of these tips apply to freehold homeowners, everyone should read on to see what applies to their situation. This article also provides a sense of the financial obligations of good home maintenance for first-time buyers.
Regular Improvements Monitoring your home on a regular basis will help you spot any pot…

The Worst Condo Investing Advice, Ever!

The Worst Condo Investing Advice, Ever!--AUGUST 24, 2016 - 5 MINUTES READ --Courtsey of Ryan Coyle, Co-Founder CONNECT Asset Management
In real estate, there are wide-ranging opinions on everything. It seems like everyone – even the inexperienced – have an expert opinion on how real estate will perform. As a result, we’ve heard some pretty bad advice over the years. Some of it is innocent misinformation. Other times it’s completely off the wall. And believe us, we’ve heard some real doozies over the years. But of all the awful things we’ve heard, there are a few pieces of advice that are head and shoulders above the rest as pure rubbish. Just the absolute worst! We’ve compiled some of the terrible tidbits we hear. We’re hoping to dispel some of these ridiculous reasons today. Worst Condo Investing Advice #1:“The Condo Fees Aren’t Worth It.” A lot of the poor advice we hear comes from American real estate sites. The truth is that it’s not bad advice. It’s just misguided. For the markets …