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Home Owner’s Guide to Monthly Home Care

Home Owner’s Guide to Monthly Home CareHome Owner’s Guide to Monthly Home Care by // September 17, 2015 If you have recently purchased your first home, or maybe you have owned your home for some time now, but don’t really know where to start; this Guide is for you.
If you are currently renting, most of these home tips may also apply to you. Make sure to check with your landlord for verification of which home care items you are responsible for.
You can keep your home in top shape with simple tasks throughout the year. Follow these easy Monthly Home Care tips to better care for your home. This month, be sure to:
Check attic for birds, squirrels, raccoons, etc.Pour 1 gallon of water down unused drains.Clean frost-free refrigerator drain pan.Inspect dishwasher for leaks.Check operation of water and sump pump.Have air ducts cleaned.Service kitchen disposal by grinding several cups of ice cubes.
Clean clothes dryer vent duct (#2 cause of house fires)Test smo…

4 Kitchen Remodel Mistakes You Must Avoid

4 Kitchen Remodel Mistakes You Must Avoid Published Andrew Lisa - August 6, 2015
When potential home buyers go to an open house, the room they flock to first is the kitchen. A kitchen remodel can add more value to a home than virtually any other rehabilitation project. Even if you’re not selling, kitchen upgrades make the most-used room in the house safer, more convenient and easier to operate. But a lot can go wrong during a kitchen makeover… Follow this guide to avoiding these top remodeling mistakes. You might also want to consider calling one of our kitchen planning and renovation specialists who can help you avoid these mistakes! Considering Appliances as an Afterthought Focus first on appliances.* New appliances add value for two reasons. First, they simply look better than old, outdated appliances. This is important whether you’re selling, or for your own quality of life. Second, new appliances function better and consume less energy. As a homeowne…

How to create instant curb appeal this fall


(NC) We all know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, however when it comes to real estate, first impressions go a long way. “Home buyers tend to use the exterior of a home and its yard as a gauge on what the inside looks like,” says Patricia Verge, president of the Ontario Real Estate Association. “Buyers will often do a 'drive-by' before deciding whether or not to request a showing. First impressions are critical to capture the attention of home buyers and send the message that the home has been well cared for, inside and out.” To ensure your home stands out and gets noticed for the right reasons this fall, Verge recommends taking care of these simple steps before listing: • Cut: Make sure trees and bushes are neatly trimmed. • Clear: Remove leaves and sticks from gutters. Make sure the lawn is mowed, leaves are raked and weeds are removed. • Clean: Wash windows, pressure-wash dirty siding and decks, and kill mould and mildew on the house, …

Buying or selling a home? Now is a good time for both


(NC) The second busiest season for buying and selling homes is upon us, but what is it about autumn that causes an upswing in real estate activity? According to Patricia Verge, president of the Ontario Real Estate Association, a variety of factors may be responsible for the increase in sales. “Much like spring, fall offers a great climate in which to show your home. Also, many buyers are back from summer holidays and getting back to business.” Some of the benefits for buying a home in the fall include: • More choices – There is a wider selection of homes available during this period so that you can visit a wide variety of open houses. • Good weather – Mild temperatures make moving much easier. Assessing the quality of a home's exterior is less complicated when it's not raining or snowing. • Tax breaks – If you purchase a home before the New Year, you can claim deductions on your 2015 taxes. Some of the benefits for selling a home in the fall include: • …