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What to ask yourself before buying a home?

Image (NC) If you're thinking about buying some property soon, you have taken the first of many steps towards making it a reality. “There is a great deal of effort that goes into home buying so it's important to prepare for the process and the responsibilities that await you,” says Pat Verge, president of the Ontario Real Estate Association. “Even if you are only thinking about it, speak to a Realtor to get your questions answered. One of life's biggest financial investments deserves the support of a professional.” According to Verge, prospective buyers should determine a few things before jumping in as follows: Is home ownership right for me? – Owning property comes with a great deal of responsibility. Household maintenance, unexpected repairs and expenses, seasonal upkeep – tending to these duties requires time and money. If you are prepared for the challenges, home ownership may be right for you. Am I financially ready? – Start by figuring out how muc…

The Pre-Delivery Inspection

Pre-Delivery Inspection Description
A few weeks before your condominium closing, your builder will invite you to attend a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI). Here’s what you should know, how you can prepare and what to expect including important details about your new home warranty.       A Pre-Delivery Inspection is an inspection that takes place before you take occupancy giving you the opportunity to view your new home before possession.  You may have someone attend with you but may be a distraction when learning how things work for the first time or noting items.  If you are not available you can appoint someone to be your designate by completing the Appointment of Designate form by clicking here.  A Pre-Delivery Inspection is when your builder will show you how to use things, and you will be able to identify things that are damaged, missing or incomplete which will serve as the official record of condition of your home before you moved in and may be referred to a…



SQ2 – Call One Of The Coolest Neighborhoods In The World Home

Living in one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world comes with serious perks. Whether you’re in the mood to shop the latest trends, eat at the coolest restaurants or be seen at the hippest hangouts, Tridel SQ2 in the heart of Queen West has you covered inside and out. Maybe you work in the bustling Financial District or you’re wrapping up your degree at one of the prestigious nearby universities. With a Walk Score and Transit Score of 100, SQ2 is the perfect place to call home. Not in the mood to go out? We can see why! SQ2 has just the right mix of amenities to keep you entertained and in shape. From the state-of-the-art Fitness Centre with Yoga Studio , sauna and spa lounge to the spacious party room with fireplace lounge, catering kitchen and private dining room. Have your cake and eat it to. Get outside without leaving home. The rooftop terrace is the perfect place to load up on Vitamin D. Curl up…

Deck builders tell us about the best materials to use for your outdoor deck

Deck builders tell us about the best materials to use for your outdoor deck Published Jessica Vitullo - July 29, 2015

A custom deck is a nice addition in any backyard. It offers privacy, a place to spend time outside – whether you’re reading a book by yourself or barbecuing for a group of friends. These deck builders give us an idea of what decking materials are best.  Why should a homeowner have a deck in their backyard?Decks R Us: Frank McGillan, owner of Decks R Us, says the outside of your home is an extension of your home. Why not give it the same treatment? Not only that, but it provides a great return on investment. “It returns between 85 and 125 per cent in the first five years,” he says. Having a deck gives homeowners an excuse to use the outdoors and keep up with the appearance. “People are embarrassed by their backyards more often than not,” says McGillan, adding that when there’s no reason to go outside and use the backyard, the maintenance often g…