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3 clever steps to a much warmer winter

(NC)  Layer upon layer of bulky winter gear helps Canadians to ward off the season's bite for a time, but there are other ways to keep the persistent cold at bay for the long term. The Canadian Health Food Association(CHFA) recommends a winter regime of exercise, a hearty and healthy diet, and natural health support to keep you warm, even through the worst of the season. Exercise Regular exercise gets the blood pumping and blood vessels dilating, helping to distribute warmth to our extremities. A good workout also burns calories, a process that produces lasting heat, so keep moving. The rush of endorphins we get from exercising is another important benefit, especially in winter, because they help to balance our mood and combat the “winter blues”, or seasonal affective disorder (SAD). If the gym is not your thing, try Ashtanga yoga, an activity that teaches special breathing techniques to promote internal body heat, as well as mindfulne…

Winter Home Care & Maintenance Tips: Empire Communities

Winter Home Care & Maintenance Tips: Empire Communities
The weather outside isn’t frightful quite yet, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t prepare for when it is. Seasonal maintenance of your home should be a top priority especially at the start of any season, be it summer or winter. Now that we are approaching the winter solstice, here are a few tried and true tips to get your home through the frigid temperatures!
Drain exterior water lines…shut off the hose bibs on the interior, remove hoses and protect exposed water pipes to prevent them from freezing. Before the first winter chill comes, make sure you take the necessary steps to ensure that outdoor pipes and faucets don’t freeze and burst. Another tip is to wrap exposed piping with a weather-resistant, insulated material made to keep them from freezing.
Test and Change the Batteries in Your Smoke and Carbon Dioxide Detectors…The start of winter is a good time to test all smoke and carbon dioxide detectors…

Easy 'clean-as-you-go' quick tips for holiday entertaining

Image (NC) Whether you are hosting the big family event, out-of-town guests or scrambling to entertain unexpected drop-ins, you want to spend time enjoying the season, not fussing about the clean-up.

From making delicious messes in the kitchen to building creative crafting projects in the living room, your home is bound to see a little dirt over the holidays. This year instead of fretting, do it differently. Strategically-timed clean-ups during your favourite mess-making entertaining endeavours alleviates the pressure of hosting duties and allows for maximum time making special memories.

A little pre-planning goes a long way. Keep in mind the following tips to clean as you go:

• Keep an all-purpose cleaner in your hall closet: It happens every year. Salt stains dragged in from outdoors. To keep the dirt at bay, an easy-to-use solution like Green Works Naturally-Derived All-Purpose Cleaner can be kept by the front door to remov…

Five Tips for Properly Winterizing Your Home

(NC) Try as you may to ignore it, winter weather is on its way in Ontario, putting your home's energy system to the test. “Bitter cold temperatures may not be universally welcomed,” says Bob Betts, a spokesperson for the Ontario Natural Gas Alliance. “But homeowners should consider the seasonal change as a good opportunity to think of ways they can keep their home's energy use in-check and performing at an optimal rate.” The very low natural gas energy prices that we are seeing now can make us complacent and cause us to forget that there are further savings that can be achieved through simple conservation. Betts says keeping just a couple tips in mind can help homeowners save their hard-earned dollars on heating bills this winter by reducing their consumption levels. 1. Furnace fitness Think of winter as your annual time to take a good check on your furnace, says Betts, who adds that considering a two-stage natural gas furnace is a great way to save. “Two-stage fur…

Before you Invest in a property

Before  you invest in a  property, (1)  For new house or condominium, one  must check the developer's/builder's reputation , rating and market share in the particular segment.  Don't rush into buy  condominium, new or resale house  before consulting your real estate agent. (2) One must check title of the property. It must be free from encumbrance ,lien or any burden. (3) One must check zoning restriction and please check that it is not belonging to any heritage property otherwise it will affect your future value. One must check it from competent authorities. (4) Investment property should be generating enough cash flow or capital gain more than current or possible inflation in the market. (5) Check documentation required at the time of  sale of property and must check  requirement,

conditions or restrictions existed  on title before putting it for sale on that property. (6) Most important step before searching property is  look for a  rea…