Prevent flood damage with this one essential tool

Home » Basement renovation advice & information » Prevent flood damage with this one essential tool Prevent flood damage with this one essential tool Published - May 12, 2017 Learn how to protect your home against flood damage, with a high-water alarm system. Plus, enter to win a Tulsar Sentry Z Control high-water alarm. With the recent heavy rainfall drenching parts of Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes, reports of flooding and residential water damage have been on the rise.  Ottawa and Quebec have been particularly hard hit, with hundreds of residents being forced to evacuate their homes. When they return, they will likely be faced with costly flood damage to repair.  “All this rain has come at a time when the ground was already saturated from previous downpours, limiting its ability to absorb further rainfall. As a result, conservation authorities across the south of the province [Ontario] issued flood watches or warnings. Making things even more difficult was t…

Is mould affecting your home and health?

Is mould affecting your home and health? By: Scott McGillivray(NC) 

All homes can be susceptible to mould growth. In fact, mould could be present without you even realizing it. Exposure can cause an array of health issues from coughing, wheezing, headache and nausea to nasal stuffiness, sore throat, skin irritation, fatigue and more. Virtually anywhere can be a breeding ground for mould, as long as there's air, moisture, organic material (a food source) and adequate temperatures––between 40˚F (5˚C) and 104˚F (40˚C). It's most commonly found in areas where moisture levels tend to be higher, like basements, kitchens, bathrooms or near water leaks in roofs, attics, walls, and pipes. Identifying a mould problem can be a challenge, because mold can grow in hidden areas such as behind walls. Signs include discoloration of indoor surfaces, dark spots or patches. Musty odours can also be an indication that harmful mould is present. Swift action is necessary to ensure your health and …

Simple ways to brighten your home

(NC) Small adjustments to everyday items you rarely think about can create a big impact. Try these easy, chic ideas the next time you're looking for a weekend project. Fresh furniture. Use white or light-coloured furniture to open up any space. Think cream couches and white dressers or side tables. Design experts are loving acrylic furniture right now, so if you're feeling fashion forward, try it in a coffee table or shelving unit. Seamless window treatments. Sleek and streamlined window treatments allow sunlight to stream through without glare. A sheer shade in a natural material like linen is key, which you can find in the Pirouette line from Hunter Douglas. The shadings feature soft fabric vanes attached to a sheer backing that appears to be floating, drawing natural light into your room. Magic mirrors. Fake extra square footage with strategic use of mirrors. A cramped entryway with mirrored closets will double in size, while a decorative mirror in a dark corner will make you…

Is Replacing Carpet With Hardwood Always Worth It?

Home Improvement Is Replacing Carpet With Hardwood Always Worth It?By  | Dec 24, 2014 DigiStu/iStock Thinking about replacing your floors? Especially if you have carpet, the choice seems clear: Hardwood floors are preferred by home buyers and renters across the United States. But consider carefully whether hardwood floors are the right choice for every room in your home—and what type you might want to install for the best resale value.

Avoiding Moisture Damage

Avoiding Moisture Damage Courtsey: Today's energy-efficient homes are built tightly to seal out the cold weather in winter and seal in the air conditioning in summer. Because of this it is possible that a new home can be severely damaged by lack of ventilation or excess moisture. It is important to remember that moisture damage to your home caused by the improper or inadequate use of your home ventilation system, or other kinds of preventative maintenance, is not covered by the new home warranty. What causes moisture damage?
Your home can be damaged when weather-related water is allowed to enter and remain in the structure. Water from leaking pipes or fixtures that is not immediately cleaned up, and indoor humidity levels that are not properly controlled, can have serious consequences. Sometimes this damage is easily seen; at other times the damage is hidden inside wall and roof spaces. Regardless of where it occurs, moistu…

Getting ready for the growing season

Your spring garden guide: Getting ready for the growing season Can you feel it? Spring is in the air! Which means, it’s also time to get your green thumb ready. Whether you’re growing seasonal flowers or fresh fruits and vegetables, having a prepared garden means you’ll have an earlier harvest and a beautiful blooming garden faster than you can say “spring”! So, here you have it, your complete “spring garden guide” to help you get ready for the growing season: Start as soon as possible First things first, the most important rule of gardening is to start as early as you can. This will give your garden enough time to get itself ready to flourish once springtime hits. As soon as the warm weather comes, we recommend you grab your gardening tools and head outside – you (and your garden) will thank you later. Clean your tools There’s nothing better than buying a new set of gardening tools, but we both know, this can’t happen every season. However, it’s no secret that you can feel just as g…

Add colour to your home’s exterior

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Add colour to your home’s exterior Published - February 10, 2017
When you pull up to your home, does the exterior bring a smile to your face? It should. Even the dull and dirty months that make up our Canadian winter shouldn’t deter your ability to enjoy a beautiful home exterior. One of the best ways to add some excitement to your home’s curb appeal is with colour. When selecting paint colours for different elements of your home’s exterior, try to maintain a cohesive colour palette. You’ll also want to consider your home’s architecture and age. Here are a few ways that you can use colour to update your home’s exterior Front Door
Source: Maria Killam Your front door provides an excellent opportunity to inject a bit of colour into your home’s first impression. This is also one of the easiest places to do a colour update, since it’s only requires some paint and a couple of hours.  Opt for a colour that…

Common electrical problems found in older homes

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Common electrical problems found in older homes Published - February 8, 2017
If you’re thinking about purchasing an older home, or have decided to renovate an older home in which you presently reside, it’s important to learn about certain electrical problems that tend to be common in homes of a certain age. Some of the problems you might uncover are minor, and can be easily remedied yourself. However, there are other electrical issues that require the expertise of a licensed electrician. Here is a look at some of the more common problems homeowners and renovators can uncover in older homes. No GFCI Outlets A ground-fault circuit interrupter (or GFCI) is a device intended to protect a person against electric shock, by shutting off an electrical current when something interrupts its intended path. Chances are, you see a GFCI every time you step into the bathroom at home. It’s tha…

Spring into home maintenance

(NC) Renovating is great for increasing the value of your home, but regular home maintenance is the easiest way to preserve your investment. As the weather warms, it is a perfect time to do a quick inspection of your home and catch up on simple seasonal chores. With a little effort, you can keep your home looking great and functioning well for years to come. Here's a few tasks you should check off your to-do list: Outdoors • Clean out the gutters and remove any debris. • Repair siding and peeling paint. • Inspect your chimney and roof. Replace or repair loose or damaged shingles. • Trim overgrown shrubs and trees, keeping branches two feet from the house. • Inspect deck boards for possible deterioration and rot. Replace damaged boards and seal or re-stain, as necessary. • Turn on the water supply to hose bibs and exterior faucets. Check for leaks. • Clean windows and window tracks. Replace any damaged screens. • Check around doors and windows for cracks and gaps. Caulk, as necess…

Easily increase your home's resale appeal

(NC) Homes that show well and have great features typically sell faster than their counterparts, sometimes for a premium. If you want your home to stand out, a little effort can go a long way. Try these tips to create an enticing first impression. 1. Clean. A neat, clean home shows pride of ownership and suggests that it is well maintained. 2. Paint. Opt for a neutral color so buyers will feel like there's one less thing to do before moving in. Grey, beige or the popular combination known as “greige” are always a hit. A fresh coat of white paint on trim will brighten the rooms. 3. Highlight your home's energy efficiency and green features. This is increasingly a big selling point, especially among younger buyers. New insulation that offers superior thermal performance and increased fire resistance, like Roxul Comfortbatt and Safe 'n' Sound, represent long-term savings and benefits to potential purchasers. Smart thermostats and low-flow water fixtures are also coveted. 4. …